Google send a open letter to freaksat schoolz on May 2013 for Business and Marketing Solution . Freaksat is very eager to have a deal with Google Marketing solution and will prompt a reply in return .

Hope to see a new and good relationship with Google .

In recent news President and Founder of Freaksat Schoolz , Mr. Rahul Pandey has decided to merge the Brand to its new parent Unischoolz . weebly. com .
This is due to the excessive website management as all members of The Freaksat Foundation are busy due to University or College Study issues, so a new parent for freaksatschoolz was needed for its active participation in Internet Platform.

Mr. Rahul Pandey has decided not to sell Freaksat or its entities to anyone but has shifted its parentship to Unischoolz . weebly .
in return Mr. Rahul Pandey will be in the Founding members of UniSchoolZ .

UnischoolZ will be having its launch in June 2013 (this year).
Weebly will be supporting its Launch by May 2013.
UniSchoolZ will have its Students server and workthrough in India's Largest University , Lovely Professional University , Punjab.
After undertaking The Freaksat Foundation , UnischoolZ Foundation will get the office of Freaksat in Kolkata under share License by Mr. Rahul Pandey.

Vice President of Freaksat , Ankita Ganguly will be giving a package to $20 for the initial marketing with Google.
Ankita Ganguly will also let fund the UnischoolZ , which may create The UnischoolZ Foundation near in future .



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