On 31st March 2012

Advantage2U.com ( http://advantage2u.weebly.com ) welcomes Freaksat & FreaksatSchoolz ( www.freaksat.co.cc ) with Open Hands for Educating Peoples .

Advantage2U is a underdeveloped project of Rahimmy Connection Network ( popularly Known as RCN in Kolkata and U.K. ) . This Project was started in 2011 by RCN - Kolkata , for Educating Peoples Via Open Schooling .

Open Schooling in INDIA is a boon for Poor students , Open and Distance Learning Platform can bring Education into the doorsteps of the student .

Currently RCN is working freely under some agencies for free education and Secondary and Senior Secondary Education and helping poor students in giving High School Examination ( Senior Secondary School Examination ) under Central Parliament Board , NIOS ( National Institute of Open Schooling ) Govt. of INDIA.

Freaksat thus will make this underdeveloped project to a successful one .


04/13/2012 13:18

Great news . Freaksat is doing good, the offline tuition hub are good , teaching is good . Hope open schools idea does good.

06/30/2012 12:31



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