Hope you enjoy the newest version and the last one from The Freaksat Foundation .

Very soon FreaksatSchoolz.com will merge with UniSchoolZ.
Details to be shared soon by June 2013.

Rahul Pandey,
Founder and President,
Ambassador of OpenStudy.com
Google send a open letter to freaksat schoolz on May 2013 for Business and Marketing Solution . Freaksat is very eager to have a deal with Google Marketing solution and will prompt a reply in return .

Hope to see a new and good relationship with Google .

In recent news President and Founder of Freaksat Schoolz , Mr. Rahul Pandey has decided to merge the Brand to its new parent Unischoolz . weebly. com .
This is due to the excessive website management as all members of The Freaksat Foundation are busy due to University or College Study issues, so a new parent for freaksatschoolz was needed for its active participation in Internet Platform.

Mr. Rahul Pandey has decided not to sell Freaksat or its entities to anyone but has shifted its parentship to Unischoolz . weebly .
in return Mr. Rahul Pandey will be in the Founding members of UniSchoolZ .

UnischoolZ will be having its launch in June 2013 (this year).
Weebly will be supporting its Launch by May 2013.
UniSchoolZ will have its Students server and workthrough in India's Largest University , Lovely Professional University , Punjab.
After undertaking The Freaksat Foundation , UnischoolZ Foundation will get the office of Freaksat in Kolkata under share License by Mr. Rahul Pandey.

Vice President of Freaksat , Ankita Ganguly will be giving a package to $20 for the initial marketing with Google.
Ankita Ganguly will also let LearnWISE.org fund the UnischoolZ , which may create The UnischoolZ Foundation near in future .

"The Freaksat Foundation"
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Its been 6 months we were thinking of Making a new advanced version of freaksat .
Now we have done it ! and we are not going to look back.

Note: that few links may be new for all of you and few may not be working for some days .

All of you can see Freaksat is now big with multiple partners and members and from now on Freaksat will be known as "The Freaksat Foundation" .

Powered by Rahimmy Connection Networks (RCN), Weebly Inc.

Funded by : LearnWISE org.

A Rahulz Zinzad and Group Initiative.

Article by:
Rahul Pandey
Founder and President, "The Freaksat Foundation".

On 31st March 2012

Advantage2U.com ( http://advantage2u.weebly.com ) welcomes Freaksat & FreaksatSchoolz ( www.freaksat.co.cc ) with Open Hands for Educating Peoples .

Advantage2U is a underdeveloped project of Rahimmy Connection Network ( popularly Known as RCN in Kolkata and U.K. ) . This Project was started in 2011 by RCN - Kolkata , for Educating Peoples Via Open Schooling .

Open Schooling in INDIA is a boon for Poor students , Open and Distance Learning Platform can bring Education into the doorsteps of the student .

Currently RCN is working freely under some agencies for free education and Secondary and Senior Secondary Education and helping poor students in giving High School Examination ( Senior Secondary School Examination ) under Central Parliament Board , NIOS ( National Institute of Open Schooling ) Govt. of INDIA.

Freaksat thus will make this underdeveloped project to a successful one .

Saylor.org is a free and open collection of college level
. There are no registrations or fees required to take our
courses, and you will earn a certificate upon completion of each course. Because
we are not accredited, you will not earn a college degree or diploma; however,
our team of experienced college professors has designed each course so you will
be able to achieve the same learning objectives as students enrolled in
traditional colleges.

About the Saylor Foundation

The Saylor Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established by
Michael J. Saylor, founder and CEO of business intelligence firm MicroStrategy
and the Foundation’s sole trustee. Mr. Saylor created the Foundation because he
had a very simple, very earnest, and very bold idea: Education should be free.

Changes in technology are making the distribution of information faster,
easier, and cheaper. At the same time, high-quality educational materials are
becoming increasingly digital and easier to access around the

The Saylor Foundation is pushing the open education movement forward and
creating greater access to Open Educational Resources (OER). Saylor.org features
over 200 free, self-paced, automated courses. While we do not confer degrees, we
do offer the knowledge equivalent of thirteen popular disciplines.

We hire credentialed professors to create course blueprints and to locate,
vet, and organize OER materials into a structured and intuitive format. Our
consulting professors also create original OER content and link to freely posted
copyrighted materials to fill in any gaps. Each course culminates with a final
exam, and students receiving a passing grade can download a certificate of

Our current focus is on the undergraduate college level with the goal of
producing high course and program completion rates. We intend to focus on the
primary, secondary, and post-graduate levels in the future.

We’re excited to work with the OER community to help pave the way for
students to obtain a quality education at no cost.


A new Version of Freaksat is started from 14 th Feb 2012 . Hope you all like it , its user friendly and sophisticated .... Do email us your thoughts on this at freaksat.createit@gmail.com .

If you want the old envronment back , do tell us that too .

Anuradha Pandey ,Secretary of Freaksat opened a new Tuition Center- Hub in
Kolkata which consists of 3 big study rooms and a library room and a greenroom
with 1 computer and I.T. room and a balcony.
 Free Education - A project of Freaksat , to be launched this year .
Anuradha Pandey ,Secretary of Freaksat opened a new Tuition Center- Hub in Kolkata which consists of 3 big study rooms and a library room and a greenroom with 1 computer and I.T. room and a balcony.
Free Tuitions will be given to poor students who cant afford tuitions .

Details to be discussed on 2nd March 2012...